Arizona’s 11th Legislative District

A NewVision.   A New Set of Priorities.   A New Leader!  
A New State Senator for YOU!



I Want To Be Your Next State Senator for These Reasons:

  • In our present economy, I realize it is critical for our individuals and families to be served by a State Senator that understands our lives and can relate to us.  I know it is difficult to make ends meet as I need to meet my limited budget every month, too.  We all live paycheck to paycheck, working hard to keep shelter over our heads, utility bills, food, insurance, co-pays, gas, car payments, taxes and other expenses.  The pressure is constantly mounting.  For most of us, we are one catastrophe away from serious financial issues.
We keep hearing that Arizona has a strong economy and we wonder ...for whom? 
Certainly not for the majority of Arizonans.
  • Right now in our state, the first state services to be threatened or cut are the ones necessary for the those of us who truly need them.  Public education, healthcare, the roads we drive and water we use easily come to mind. The majority of Arizonans do not make living wages.  Unemployment in our district ranges from 4-6%.  We worry about the effects of climate change, individual rights, our children needing to practice for school shootings, the water that we drink and the air that we breathe.  Basic needs are always at risk.
  • Meanwhile, corporations in Arizona are receiving BILLIONS of dollars every year in tax incentives and cuts that have been granted for decades by the political party who has been in power during that time. In fact, the rich pay lower taxes (or none), enjoy luxuries and vacations we cannot afford, investments, rainy day funds, college for their young adult children and even, pay no taxes to fuel their private planes.  Really.  They are in a different economy than the rest of us!

And within this reality, our incumbent state senator appears tone deaf to our issues.  He works against public education, living wages, healthcare, climate change, the water crisis, equal rights, a fair tax code and  for all and our democracy.  His ultra-conservative views are leading our state backward instead of the forward motion we need. He is beholden to Dark Money, special interests and political action committees.  He serves them...not US.  It is time for a change.

We can do better!  And I strongly believe we need to CHANGE things for you now!

Change You Can Believe In...Linda Patterson, YOUR State Senator.

Linda is standing with the ASARCO miners as they seek their first raise in ten years
Linda met some of our best leaders at an Arizona List event, grateful for their coaching
Linda Patterson has always been passionate about standing up for what is right for our country
As your State Senator I will advocate for the needs of families and individuals.  We can do better! is a matter of setting the right priorities.

I care so much about changing things in Arizona that I am running as your State Senator because I know I can make the changes our district and state need. I have 32 years of career leadership experience in making positive differences in the lives of others.  I want to work for you.  I will do so with determination, passion, dedication and purpose.  I will do so without a vested interest, desire to use it as a stepping stone or want for prestige and power. I only want to serve you.

I earned widespread respect and was highly regarded  in a career of working for others. I was never denied a position I sought. I exceeded expectations.   And, I am looking forward to working for You!  I am passionate about doing so and want to earn your vote.  I most certainly hope that helps you see that I am in this campaign to work for YOU and not for those who are threatening the state that we have chosen as our home.

As I have traveled throughout our legislative district 11 over the past 11 months I have carefully listened to your concerns.  It is clear that your priorities are, first and foremost, to adress the problems that have been created by the Pandemic. In addition, there are ongoing issues tht have been left on the table for years:

  1.  To obtain affordable and accessible healthcare.
  2. To make sure that your children and grandchildren have excellent educational opportunities that pay teachers the wages they deserve.
  3. To have an equal voice in our scarce sources of water.
  4. To find solutions to the climate crisis.
  5. To benefit from a strong economy that will pay fair wages and provides affordable housing.
  6. To support the ERA and a woman's right to choose for she and her family.

After forty years of the same political party in power in which they have had their way, it is time to elect a legislature that will serve “we the people”.  We deserve to be a voice in our state.  I will work for you!

I will not receive one cent of Dirty Money,
Special Interest or PAC Money.

I believe the influence of corporate money has adversely influenced politics.

I am free represent YOU
as I am a Clean Elections Candidate. 


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Arizona 11th Legislative District Candidate Linda Patterson

Women like me were not born into a life of politics. And, as all of us, I faced my own challenges: ...

On November 3, 2020 vote for Linda Patterson
for Arizona State Senate, District 11


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