Since last July, Linda Patterson has been listening to Pinal and Pima County residents

in Legislative District 11.

You are most concerned about the following issues.

Linda is ready to lead in the AZ State Senate to represent your needs.

You want the AZ State Legislature to address the following issues:

  • Solving the issues created by the COVID-19 CRISIS.  
  • Re-Imagining and Reforming state government with a new set of priorities that will best address our needs.
  • Creating viable government services for all of the problems that have been created as a result of COVID.  And, doing so without additional tax increases that we cannot afford in the present economy.  
  • Quality education for all of our children and adults.  Salaries that keep our teachers in our schools instead of losing them.
  • Great jobs that provide middle class wages and a good life for those of us who believe in hard work.
  • A strong economy that helps build strong and safe communities.
  • Affordable and accessible healthcare for all of us.
  • Solutions to our water crisis that need to be addressed fairly and now.
  • Addressing Climate Change that is a clear and present danger to our way of life.
  • Respect for the equal rights of all if us, especially with regard to our voting and civil rights.
  • Protecting women’s rights as human rights, including the ability for every woman to make the health decisions that are right for her and her family.
  • Eliminating Dirty Money, special interests and PACs that are corrupting Arizona government.
  • Reigning in the radical legislators and corporations that have created all of the problems we face today.  Stop ALEC, the corporate takeover of Arizona that provides dark money to most of our majority part legislators.

Linda Patterson is ready to make the essential changes
you want to see in Arizona.

Linda has listened to you and has genuinely heard what concerns you most.  She knows that all of these issues can be addressed because other states have done so!    Linda is a determined, intelligent and thoughtful leader capable of bringing people together to solve the issues of our times. She has spent her life in Civil Service doing so for others!  She is passionate about creating opportunities for us to thrive and will never stop delivering on what we need. She built a life in exceeding the expectations of others and will do the same for us.

The steps she will take for us include:

  1. Being a State Senator who is willing to be civil and work respectfully with others to solve your problems.
  2. Leading the charge to make sure that corporations who are ripping AZ taxpayers off by billions of dollars will pay their fair share immediately. Regulations, policies and laws must be changed to make things fair. Priorities need to be matched to the needs identified by the majority of Arizonans.   Just think of what we could use that amount of money to be used in OUR priorities of Education, Healthcare, Climate Change and Solutions to our Water Crisis, Infrastructure, Solar Power and Wind Power needs. And even more and doing so without raising taxes. It can be done and Linda has researched ways of doing so!  
  3.  An Arizona Research Report released January 7, 2020 indicated that Arizona must cut water use by 18% this year in order to intervene in our water crisis.  This will mean that all Arizonans and businesses will need to reach common ground on solving our present dilemma.  The AZ State Legislature will, undoubtedly, play a major role.  This will require talented, intelligent and productive people to LEAD!  In the past, most legislators have "kicked the can down the road” -including ours!  Linda has experience in creating common sense solutions to create positive change.  She will represent the people of LD11 in doing just that!  Time for change we can believe in -Linda Patterson for State Senate, ld 11.
  4. Fighting for Individual Rights for those who need equality. We can do so with new laws and regulations passed by the state legislature.  And in one session.
  5. Removing favorable tax credits for charter schools, private planes, fuel for private planes and other excessive acts of favoritism for certain individuals.  Making sure that corporations pay their fair share.  Right now, the richest corporations in Arizona pay no taxes.
  6. Using her expertise as an Educator, Linda will provide the leadership to fully fund and reinvigorate education for students and teachers. Prioritizing Public Education in the budget can be done without increasing taxes.  It is all about setting priorities that match the interests of the people in our state!
  7. Knowing that great schools attract businesses that pay middle class wages, Linda will make sure AZ is doing just that for us.  Strong Public Education Systems Build Strong Economies.  It works for other states and can work well for Arizona.  We need to attract corporations/businesses that pay living wages which will generate a much stronger economy to pay for Arizonans’ needs.

We are one step away from creating the the life we want.  It only takes our vote to send

Linda Patterson to the State Senate, ld11.

For Change We Can Believe In...Linda is dedicated to work for the majority of us in our district.

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